The Pi Chapter of Pi Alpha Phi was colonized on September 10, 2011 and chartered on November 17, 2012. The seven great men, Hakim Tatah, Anthony Dang, Yile Wu, Watson Feng, Brayden Zhao, Tony Tran, and John Hartnett, who founded the group strived to create a place where individuals could feel at home with the people they surrounded themselves with.

They created this chapter with a focus on helping not only Asian males but anyone who believed in becoming culturally aware of the campus around them. These founders put an emphasis on the national pillars and morals of achieving Academic Excellence, Asian American Awareness, Leadership, Philanthropy, and Brotherhood.

Today the Pi Chapter of Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. is home to a brotherhood that works with student organizations around campus to make the University of Iowa feel like a home to anyone who needs it. We encourages one another to succeed, give back to the community, and show everyone what it means to be a gentleman of Pi Alpha Phi.

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